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Free Shipping on all orders over $200!

Uniview LightHunter Kits

We've assembled some of our most popular Uniview Lighthunter cameras into convenient discounted CCTV packages or security kits. Unless indicated the systems don't include cat5e or cat6 ethernet cable.

Uniview LightHunter security cameras are designed with advanced sensor technology capable of recording in near dark conditions. Only a very small amount of ambient light is needed for these IP cameras to record in colour without the need to revert to monochrome infrared imaging. This means the CCTV cameras are ideal for capturing additional information on the surveillance site - such as the colour of an intruder's clothing in a dark environment. The cameras also have infrared LEDs, which will automatically activate in complete darkness. The industry standard quality and extremely competitive pricing make for a valuable addition to any CCTV camera system - from the large business to the DIY home security system.