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Dahua Quick Buyer's Guide

We've handpicked top Dahua recommendations to make your decision easy and your security top-notch. Lets dive in!

We frequently receive inquiries echoing a common concern: 'With so many camera options available, which one should I choose?' While it's true that our website offers an extensive range of cameras, roughly 90% of our Dahua sales revolve around a select few models. Recognising this can significantly streamline your decision-making process. In this guide, we aim to spotlight the primary Dahua models, saving you valuable time and ensuring you make an informed choice.

Standard Cameras

The following recommendations are what we would categorise as standard cameras, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, all models support an IP67 weatherproof rating. Starting with the Lite series, followed by the more advanced Wizsense Series cameras.



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Add Active Deterrence

Dahua's TIOC (3-In-One) cameras are their top-selling product, featuring built-in sirens and flashing red & blue strobe lights for effective deterrence when humans or vehicles are detected.

The Hub

Network Video Recorders

The NVR serves as the central hub, connecting and powering your cameras, housing the surveillance hard drive for video storage, and enabling system interaction through a connected monitor and mouse.

Cable & Accessories

To link your cameras, use our supplied Cat6 Ethernet cable, available in various lengths. Additionally, consider accessories like a monitor and an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for continuous operation in case of power interruptions. It's advisable to secure your NVR recorder, ensuring both video footage protection and a stable power source for your system.

Shop Accessories

  • Cable (Cat 6 Ethernet)

    Often used to connect your home internet router, POE security systems use the same Cat6 ethernet cable to connect your cameras to the recorder. Check out our pre-terminated cable in lengths from 5m - 50m.

    *Note that professional installers will often include cable in their installation quote.

  • NVR Security Cabinets

    Crafted from high-quality steel, these robust cabinets are are designed to safeguard your NVR and hard drive, ensuring the protection of valuable footage. The security cabinet can house a 24 inch monitor and NVR and can be folded away and locked.

  • Dahua Monitors

    Connect a monitor to the NVR via a HDMI cable for interfacing with and viewing your security system.