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  • Standard Perks

    ✔️ Access to additional brands and prices.
    ✔️ One-click reorder, order history, invoices, and details.
    ✔️ Persistent cart and customer support tickets.
    ✔️ Easy access to quote, installation, and return request forms.
    ✔️ Book an appointment for tutorial or tech support sessions.
    ✔️ Spy Monkey product recommendations.

  • Exclusive Perks

    ✔️ Access to exclusive brands (AJAX, BOSCH, AXIS).
    ✔️ Trade pricing and other discounts.
    ✔️ Listed for referrals of installation requests near you.
    ✔️ Direct and priority line for phone, email, and chat support.
    ✔️ Import requests of specific devices from manufacturers.
    ✔️ Priority quotes and inventory updates.