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Uniview Network Video Recorders

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Uniview Network Video Recorders are the heart of the surveillance system serving as both a hub for connecting all your cameras, and as a software program for managing all the devices connected to it. A surveillance hard drive can be installed inside the NVR ranging from 2 terabytes up to 10 terabytes in size. All recorded video is stored on the hard drive for future playback. Usually Uniview NVR's support 1 or 2 hard drive bays at once but as many as 4 - 8 SATA at a time for NVR's with more channels. The smallest NVR has 4 channels therefore supporting up to 4 cameras. Followed by 8 channel, 16 channel, 32 channel and 64 channel configurations. 

The NVR is connected to a display by a HDMI cable, and comes with a mouse for interfacing. Setup is as simple as plug-and-play when using Uniview cameras connecting to Uniview NVR's. The first time setup process consists of setting your date, time and a login password. For Live streaming your cameras as well as viewing playback, you can download the free app from Uniview called EZView from the iOS app store or google playstore.

Uniview NVR's don't support wireless connectivity. They need to be connected by ethernet cable to a router/modem in order for you to connect remotely to your system via the EZView app or EZStation computer software. Although internet is not required for the system to function normally, it is required for remote access.

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