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With a keen emphasis on innovation, Uniview have managed to research, invent and engineer their way to the top 3 video surveillance brands in China, 3rd only to giants Hikvision and Dahua. In just 13 years they have turned themselves into a global surveillance industry force to be reckoned with. Worldwide they are achieving a 100% annual growth rate and have reached 140 countries.

Half of Uniview's entire work force are employed in Research & Development, underscoring their innovation ethos. And they are number 1 in the world for innovation ability per capita. Their hard work in developing cutting edge technology supported by rigorous testing have led to high quality, reliable products that perform flawlessly in even the most demanding conditions. This makes Uniview CCTV ideal for business and commercial applications.

Uniview have provided industry video surveillance solutions for 380+ enterprises, 180+ high-end hospitals, 230+ highways, 45+ airports, 615+ campuses, 100+ metro lines and 200+ landmark commercial complexes.

The experience gained by real world applications across multiple industries have helped Uniview develop and refine a powerful product line, in terms of thoughtful engineering and flexibility.

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