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VIP Vision Recommendations

SMD = AI-powered filters out false alarms from insects, wind, etc.
Starlight = Low light tech, stays in colour for low light scenes.

  • 6MP AI Turrets - Has built-in Mic, recognizable targets up to 13m away, SMD, Starlight. Also comes in 8MP which has an 18m range.
  • VF Versions - Has a lens that can remotely be zoomed in and out to see farther targets. 6MP VF has a max recognizable range of 42m.
  • Deterrence Cameras (8MP) - Has all the abilities of the AI cameras + LED light which can light up the area if there is an intrusion. This makes sure that footage is in colour even if there is no ambient lighting. + Also has MIC AND SPEAKER which means you can speak through the camera to whoever is on the other side from your remote phone app. + Also has red and blue strobe lights and siren capabilities to discourage further intrusions.


This will be easy to set up and can be centralized via a recorder, this one supports up to 8 cameras and can house the hard drive so your footage is safely hidden indoors. 8-Channel NVR.

If you need the hard drives: Hard Drives.

If you need the cables: CAT6 Cables