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Dahua Authorised Dealer Partner Program

Spy Monkey Surveillance proudly operates as an authorised partner within the DAHUA DEALER PARTNER PROGRAM (DPP). Developed by Dahua to address the escalating issue of unauthorised resellers distributing Dahua-branded products of uncertain origin in the Australian market, commonly known as grey market or grey imports. This concern is particularly pronounced in online sales channels. 

Genuine Dahua products sold through the authorised DPP network support unique firmware, comply with Australian regulations, and are covered by Dahua manufacturer warranty. Purchasing outside of Dahua's approved distribution channels poses the risk of forfeiting these benefits.

As an authorised partner, Spy Monkey continues to supply genuine Dahua products that are Australian stock, fully covered by the manufacturer's warranty, tech support, and firmware updates. As of the 1st of March 2024, there are only 4 authorised online Dahua dealers in Australia.

An authorised dealer is required to possess a valid partner certificate. Dahua Technology strongly advise verifying the presence of this certificate, as the absence thereof indicates non-affiliation with the DPP program as an authorised dealer, regardless of the claims of the organisation. Please click on this link for more information:

Scan the QR code above or click this link to view the Spy Monkey Surveillance Dahua Authorisation Partner Certificate.

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Latest Announcement from Dahua Technology Australia
Unauthorised Product Statement | 14th February, 2024

Dear Customers,

we, DAHUA TECHNOLOGY AUSTRALIA PTY LTD (ABN: 66 607 598 158, hereinafter referred to as "Dahua Australia"), sell genuine Dahua products exclusively through our Authorised Dealer Partner network in Australia. We highly value these cooperative relationships, cultivated to facilitate nationwide availability of our innovative products, and enhance customers experience through agreed pre-sale and post-sale service support.

Unfortunately, we are aware of some unofficial Dahua Australia products, of unknown origin, that are being offered in the Australian market through unauthorised sellers. Therefore, we wish to inform all Dahua customers of the following:

Risks associated with purchasing Dahua products of unknown origin, including those sourced from overseas, purchased from an unauthorised Dahua seller in Australia.

1. Genuine Dahua Australia products sold through our Authorised Dealer Partner network utilise unique firmware; unauthorised products of may experience compatibility and other potential issues.

2. Genuine Dahua Australia products comply with local regulations, such as RCM certification; unauthorised products may not adhere to local regulations, potentially leading to legal complications.

3. Genuine Dahua Australia products are covered by our standard Dahua warranty; unauthorised Dahua products, may not be covered under warranty.

Benefits of purchasing authorised Dahua products in Australia.

1. Access to local technical support and hotline service.

2. Availability of Australia-specific maintenance and firmware upgrades.

3. Access to local RMA service.

4. Local stock for immediate supply.

To quickly verify Dahua official products, simply use the Product Tracking function on the Dahua Partner APP. If you have further questions, please contact Dahua at []. Thank you for choosing Dahua. DAHUA TECHNOLOGY AUSTRALIA PTY LTD


Bulletin No. 03 | 01 December, 2022
Dahua Technology Australia Authorized Dealer Statement

Dahua is global top two and Australia’s premier supplier of CCTV cameras and security equipment with a reputation for superior quality and service. To ensure you get the best that Dahua offers we strongly recommend you only buy genuine Dahua Australia products from one of our authorized and certified partners.

We take great care and energy to ensure these partners not only supply the correct Australian products, designed to meet or exceed the regulations and requirements of the Australian market but are also able to support and warranty these genuine products.

To ensure you are getting genuine Dahua Australia products from an authorized Dahua Australia partner, we have introduced a simple way to identify and qualify a Dahua Australia-authorized partner. Dahua issues a digital certificate via QR code. The QR code can be found on our partner’s website, invoices, and other materials or simply ask the partner to provide it.

By scanning this QR code you will be able to verify the Authenticity of that partner and see the Partner Certificate. Alternatively, you can send us an email at

Except for that, you can also verify the authenticity of your product by using the Dahua Partner App, only genuine products will be covered by Dahua Australia Warranty and earn reward points. Counterfeit and/or non-genuine Dahua Australia products are not supported or warranted here in Australia and may not comply with local standards.

Also, Dahua software updates and firmware upgrades may not work with non-genuine products and may render the product dysfunctional or disfeatured, therefore to ensure you get the best from of your Dahua product, make sure you buy only genuine Dahua Australia products from one of our certified and authorized partners.

Dahua Australia takes many steps including perusing Legal action to remove the unauthorized distribution of non-genuine Dahua products.

Yours Sincerely
Dahua Technology Australia