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Uniview - The Perfect Business Partner

With a keen emphasis on innovation, Uniview have managed to research, invent and engineer their way to the top 3 video surveillance brands in China, 3rd only to giants Hikvision and Dahua. But what's most impressive is their ability to do it so quickly. In just 13 years (or 7 years since Uniview's independant founding) they have turned themselves into a global surveillance industry force to be reckoned with. Worldwide they are achieving a 100% annual growth rate for the past 3 years and are ranked 6th largest video surveillance manufacturer reaching 140 countries.

Their secret is in no small part due to their Research & Development department, where 50% of Uniview's entire work force are employed! Together they have filed 1477 patents, 83% of which are invention patents, achieving number 1 in the world for innovation ability per capita. Their hard work in developing cutting edge technology supported by rigorous testing have lead to high quality, reliable products that perform flawlessly in even the most demanding conditions.

This reputation has seen Uniview awarded giant commercial video security projects. For instance the G7 Highway in China, the longest desert highway in the world stretching 930kms through Inner Mongolia and the Gobi Desert. Solution highlights included 500 IP cameras and 200 analogue cameras, required to provide HD clear and visible images day and night, in low light, and in a climate of extreme heat and cold. Uniview outdoor cameras can handle extreme temperatures as high as 70C and as low as -40C.

Another successful project for Uniview was securing the Beijing Capital International Airport, the second busiest airport in the world. This included installing PTZ dome cameras securing the parking lot and a complete security solution of network cameras, encoders and IP SANs all employed to ensure safe operations of the airport and to improve operational management.

Other notable solutions include Shanghai Disneyland China, where 24/7 video surveillance utilises people counting and emergency warning systems. DHL Global Forwarding Centre, Canada, utilising IK10 vandal-proof domes with motorised focal lenses in a high light-contrasting environment. Shanghai DBS Bank, the largest bank in Singapore, requiring 1000 HD cameras with high reliability RAID storage and unified management platform. The Hangzhou EFC building, China, where 2500 cameras are deployed that include 1200 high-end cameras, 42 face recognition cameras and 20 parking-monitoring domes with a 30 day Uniview cloud storage period. This complete solution also utilised Uniview camera intelligence features that detect traffic flow and provide early warnings of congestion.

Altogether, Uniview have provided industry video surveillance solutions for 380+ enterprises, 180+ high-end hospitals, 230+ highways, 45+ airports, 615+ campuses, 100+ metro lines and 200+ landmark commercial complexes.

The experience gained by real world applications across multiple industries have helped Uniview develop and refine a powerful product line, in terms of thoughtful engineering, that is equally flexible. Each product has to adhere to guidelines that reinforce this.

This is summarised by their SUPER STAR acronym.

IP Cameras are represented by SUPER - Smart, U-Code (video compression for efficient storage), Picture, Easy and Reliable.

While NVRs (Recorders) are represented by STAR - Storage, Tops, Analysis, Reliable.


Uniview have divided up their product line into 3 seperate categories. Easy, Prime and Pro. Below is a summary of each category.

Easy: Cost-effective, Outstanding Performance

  • Ultra 265: A deep compression technology which can save up to 75% of total cost
  • Highly reliable: IP67, POE, 'KIO, voltage tolerance, Wide temperature
  • Pixel sense: Creative day and night detection, control IR cut by smart algorithm, avoid hardware failure cost
  • Easy-to-use: Compatible with OWIF, LAPI, SDK; plug & play, SD card, one click add and cloud upgrade for IPC NVR
  • Suitable for residence and small business applications

Prime: Abundant Functions, Diverse Choices 

  • Smart functions: face / intrusion / scene change / crossing line / defocus detection & audio exception On IPC; video content intelligent analysis, deep learning functions on NVR
  • StarView series: Up to 0.0005tux minimum illumination with Fl.2 big iris lens
  • Abundant products: 2/3/4/5,'8MP, built-in mic, audio, 1/0 interfaces etc.
  • Reliable storage: RAID, N+I hot spare, ANR
  • Suitable for commercial buildings, park, and small project applications

Pro: Ultra Smart, Ultra High Resolution

  • More professional intelligent functions are added in UNV Pro series. Including LPR (license plate recognition), LPD (license plate detection), and auto tracking functions.
  • Pro series cameras provide 4K HD resolution and 12MP image quality to ensure extremely clear visual effects. Pro series NVRs also have HD-resolution video analysis.

  • Easy to use, with more advanced practical functions. With white light and laser IR compensation cameras can provide clear images over extremely long distances. Passive IR

  • Industry level design - intelligent fan control, smart temperature control and embedded 3U chassis
  • Enhanced Connectivity - Multi network interface, built for demanding applications
  • Scalable Expansion - extra disk enclosure can expand the storage capacity
  • Centralised Management - unified management centre for different devices 
  • Video Wall - split screen mode and multi-screen mode
  • Hot Standby - industry level solution which protects data and system stability 


If you are looking for video surveillance solutions for your business or company you will want to keep an eye out for these advanced features from Uniview. Click on the links to watch short videos demonstrating the different features.


  • Intrusion Detection - you can draw a box or an area of interest within the screen for the camera to monitor. When the camera identifies an intrusion it will prompt the NVR to send you an email or notification with snapshots.
  • Cross Line Detection - similar to intrusion by drawing lines, however this works best for identifying point A to point B intrusion. For example, a car may be permitted to enter an area from point A but prohibited to exit at point B. The system will only alert you if both point A and point B are triggered in that order.
  • Face detection - the camera takes a snapshot of the face and stores it in the NVR. When you need to identify a person the system will take you to the specific moment the person appeared on the screen.
  • Scene Change - the camera can identify if it is being tampered with if there is a change in scenery it is actively monitoring. It will be prompted to send you an email with snapshots of the incident.
  • Defocus Detection - the camera can detect when it is out of focus and can alert you.
  • People Counting - pointed at a door (or by drawing a line) the camera will count person by person. It can also identify how many people enter and how many exit. You can review the results by specific time periods on a graph. Suitable for retail or places with high foot traffic.
  • Audio Detection - An audio detection alarm occurs when a camera detects a sudden change in sound volume.
  • Auto Tracking - For PTZ cameras. The camera can lock onto a subject and track it with pan, tilt and zoom motion until it loses contact, then it will return to its default position.


U-code is an innovation developed by Uniview as an enhanced encoding technology to reduce the bitrate of H.265+ even further, calling it Ultra H.265. It does deep compression separating moving targets and static backgrounds. Or in other words, highly compresses parts of the image that aren't important like the sky or static background. Ultra H.265 drastically reduces bandwidth and increases storage space an incredible 50%-95% over standard H.264/H.265 compression. This saves on cost and allows you to add more high resolution cameras to your system.


  • Starlight Illumination - Uniview starlight cameras provide crisp, colour images in low light conditions, even as low as 0.0005 Lux(F1.2) lumens. It's worth checking out the video to see this remarkable technology in action.
  • Wide Dynamic Range 120dB - Enables balanced lighting across the entire video image in unstable lighting conditions, such as when the background is bright and the foreground is dark.
  • Smart IR - Works by auto balancing infrared over-exposure which can be produced when the object gets too close to the camera at night.
  • Digital Optical DefogDeveloped with laser infrared, it actively penetrates fog whether natural or man-made to produce clear images.


Long Range Power Over Ethernet - Uniview IP Camera systems support Plug and Play PoE, where both power and data are transmitted on a single cable between NVR and camera. Typically its possible to run 100 metres of POE cable from NVR to camera. Uniview camera’s and NVR’s can be connected with up to 259 metres of Cat5E or Cat6 cable without the need for repeaters or extenders.


  • Wide Voltage Tolerance & Temperatures - Uniview products are designed to handle fluctuations in voltage of +-25% Typically its only +-10% with competitor products. Uniview outdoor products can handle extreme temperatures as high as 70C and as low as -40C.
  • High Grade LEDs and Anti-Reflective Glass - Uniview use high quality Osram LEDs in their cameras. Just 2 Osram LEDs can out perform other brands' cameras 20 or 30 LEDs. Uniview also build their camera’s with IR anti-reflective glass lenses, preventing infrared reflection and the accumulation of insects that are attracted to light and obscure or dirty the lens.
  • eMMC - Built in memory card that lasts longer than regular SD cards, reads and writes faster than any other memory card and doesn’t require opening the camera and impairing its weather protective seal.
  • ANR (Automatic Network Replenishment) - ANR is a great backup storage option. When there is a disconnection between the recorder and camera, the camera will automatically record to the SD card. When the connection is restored the footage is automatically transferred from the SD card to the NVR as though there was no disruption.

By creating and adhering to standards like SUPER STAR Uniview have forged products that are ideal for business and commercial applications, and driven them to the top of the market. They are proven reliable, good quality, robust, practical, efficient, packed with advanced patented technology, easy to use and install and excellent value for money.

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*Note. Not all features apply to every product.

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