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Uniview Guide: EZCloud

Geoffrey Lomas |

This Spy Monkey guide will focus on the EZCloud service. Thank you for choosing Spy Monkey for your Uniview Security System needs. Please contact us if you have any questions or feedback. No part of this manual may be copied, reproduced, translated, or distributed in any form or by any means without the prior consent in writing from Spy Monkey. The information presented in this guide from the latest publicly available information gathered in September 2020. The configurations and interface may vary as the firmware is further developed but the operational concepts should remain similar and relevant.


Uniview's EZCloud is a network platform that is provided for all Uniview service users which enables them to watch videos remotely. EZCloud does not generate any content by itself but it enables registered Users to watch live videos or recordings of locations installed with surveillance devices connected to EZCloud or to log in to these surveillance devices directly. EZCloud allows Users to add or delete the connected surveillance devices as needed. EZCloud service features include:

  • Temporary Device Sharing.
  • Organization Management.
  • Password Retrieval.
  • Remote Access.
  • EZView Integration.
  • EZStation Integration.


To fully utilize the EZCloud features, it is ideal that one should first create an EZCloud account. To register, go to

Once an account has been created and verified, you will now be able to add and manage devices and organizations.

Adding Devices

Before any device can be managed to EZCloud, it should first be added. We do this by first enabling the EZCloud feature on our security system. In this guide, we will be configuring this feature by remotely accessing our Network Video Recorder on a computer browser. If you are would like to learn more about accessing your NVR remotely, please see this guide: Setting up using Remote Browser Interface

Navigation: Setup > Network > EZCloud

EZCloud: If not already enabled, click On to enable the feature.

Server Address: Open this website on another tab for convenience.

Register Code: This code will be the identifier of the device. It will be used when adding the device to the EZCloud account.

Device Status: Displays the current EZCloud status of the device.

Username: Displays the username of the EZCloud account.

Device Name: Displays the device name given by the EZCloud account.

Service Agreement: Contains a link to the Service Agreement document.

Add Without Signup: Enables or disables the ability to access the NVR without signing up for an EZCloud account.

Scan QR Code: Most useful for connecting your device with the EZView app.

Connecting to EZCloud

  1. Click Add Device.
  2. Add the Register Code provided on the device.
  3. Provide a Device Name.
  4. Select the Device Organization.
  5. Click Add.


Device List: This tab allows you to manage and interact with the devices added to the EZCloud account. Several actions can be performed on each device.

Share: Opens a window where you can choose a device to share with another EZCloud user, until when their permission lasts, and what user rights level they will have.

Change: Used to change the name or organization of a device.

Retrieve: Used to recover access to devices whose passwords are lost or forgotten.

Access: Used to gain remote access to the configurations and interface of a device.

Organization ListThis tab allows you to manage and interact with the organizations on your EZCloud account. Here you will be able to assign devices to organizations for convenience and ease of access.

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