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Uniview Setup Guide: Client

Geoffrey Lomas |

This Spy Monkey Surveillance guide will focus on the Uniview Setup configurations found on the Client tab which includes the Default Live StreamVideo ModeVideo File SizeSave File Directory, and Live View Protocol.

This guide was written for Uniview NVR users who prefer to change settings remotely using a mobile or desktop browser (Internet Explorer). Remote and local configurations share many similarities and only the locations and availability of each feature may vary. The Uniview NVR Manual can provide more information if what you are looking for is not found in this simple guide.

Navigation: Setup > Client

Uniview Guide

Default Live Stream: Determines which video stream will your Live View use.

  • Main Stream: High video quality with high network usage.
  • Sub Stream: Moderate video quality with moderate network usage.
  • Third Stream: Low vide quality with low network usage.

    The ideal scenario for each stream would be this: Main Stream will be used by the NVR direct display for detailed monitoring, the Sub Stream for devices on the same network that needs Live View access, and the Third Stream for over the internet Live View access.

    Video Mode: Determines the video processing mode.

    • Real-Time Priority: Recommended if the network is in good condition.
    • Fluency Priority: Recommended if you want a short time lag for live video in exchange for better video fluency.

    Video File Size: Determines the file size of the downloaded videos from the NVR storage to the client.

    • 256 MB
    • 512 MB
    • 1 GB

      When downloading video footage from the NVR to the client device, the file size limit is applied. The video will be split into multiple chunks with the Video File Size as the largest limit. For example, when downloading 2.8 GB worth of footage with this configuration set to 1 GB, you will end up with two 1 GB and one 800 MB videos.

      Save File To: Determines the directory on the client device where the downloaded videos, snapshots, and recordings are saved.

      • Browse: Opens a window where you can set the directory folder.
      • Open Folder: Opens the directory folder.

        Live View Protocol: Determines which protocol will the use.

        • TCP: The standard and reliable protocol.
        • Multicast: Not as reliable as TCP but is useful if the number of users accessing the Live View exceeds the number that the NVR can support.

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