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Uniview Setup Guide: Hard Disk

Geoffrey Lomas |

This Spy Monkey Surveillance guide will focus on the Uniview Setup configurations found on the Hard Disk tab which includes Hard Disk, Disk Group, Allocate Space, and Advanced.

This guide was written for Uniview NVR users who prefer to change settings remotely using a mobile or desktop browser (Internet Explorer). Remote and local configurations share many similarities and only the locations and availability of each feature may vary. The Uniview NVR Manual can provide more information if what you are looking for is not found in this simple guide.

Hard Disk

Navigation: Setup > Hard Disk > Hard Disk

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  • Refresh: Activating this option refreshes the list.
  • Add: Allows for the addition of a connected hard disk.
  • Format: Erases the data of a hard disk by formatting partitions.
  • Configure: Allows you to determine the read/write properties of each drive.

Disk Group

Navigation: Setup > Hard Disk > Disk Group

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  • Disk Group: Allows the creation of disk groups.

The disk group feature allows us to assign hard disks to a disk group and use the disk group to store recordings and snapshots of specified cameras. Different arrays can be assigned to different disk groups. Redundant disks cannot be assigned to any disk group. Disk group information will be initialized if any disk in the group is formatted.

Allocate Space

Navigation: Setup > Hard Disk > Allocate Space

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  • Select Camera: Select which camera to configure.
  • Disk Group: Specifies which disk group to configure the camera for.
  • Max Recording Space: Determines the allocated storage size in GB for video recordings.
  • Max Image Space: Determines the allocated storage size in GB for image snapshots.
  • Copy: Allows copying of configuration to selected cameras.


Navigation: Setup > Hard Disk > Advanced

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  • HDD Full: Determines whether to overwrite old recordings or stop once the HDD is full.

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