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Spy Monkey Surveillance is dedicated towards helping you find the best security video-surveillance options. We strive to constantly offer reliable and feature-rich security solutions while mindfully ensuring you are getting the best value for your purchase!

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✔️ Warehoused and ships from Sydney/Melbourne.
✔️ Eligible for Manufacturer Warranties and all Security Updates.

Please let us know below what specific concerns you would want the system to address and what other information would you like us to keep in mind as we consider recommendations. Some of the sought after features include the following:

• Smart Motion Detect
• Low-Light Colour
• 24/7 Night Vision
• 2-Way Audio or Built-in Mics
• Deterrence (Sirens and Strobe Lights)

We will get back to you with the quote and recommendations along with more information about your system within the next business day. Thank you for reaching out.