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Why Choose Uniview?

Why Choose Uniview?

Geoffrey Lomas |

Uniview is one of our best selling security camera brands and most often its the brand that we recommend first. Customer feedback about Uniview has been excellent, which is a good reason why we will continue to recommend them. We will take a quick look at some of the reasons why you should choose Uniview for your next home or business security surveillance project.

  • Excellent quality hardware and reliability. Uniview cameras are made of the highest quality materials and are engineered to last. When you buy a Uniview camera you won’t have to deal with the headache of picking up a broken plastic device off your front lawn thanks to an angry neighbour. Or the unwelcome surprise that your camera lens is fogging up because it wasn’t sealed properly during a mild storm. Uniview products undergo one of the most rigorous quality control processes in the industry.
  • 3 Years Warranty. Uniview products are backed by 3 years manufacturer warranty but are designed for many years beyond that. That's why Uniview cameras are being used as long term solutions in many commercial applications. 
  • Used in commercial applications. Uniview security systems have been used and relied upon all around the world. Cases include Beijing Capital International Airport, DH: Global Forwarding Centre Canda, Toll Stations in India, Tsinghua University China, Kia Motors Factory in Slovakia, Sports Arena “Palacoccia” in Italy, Shanghai White Magnolia Plaza China, Gacheon University Gil Medical Center Korea, Hilton Hotels and Resorts in UAE and Hotspot Venues on the Gold Coast in Australia. 
  • Easy to set up. We have found Uniview is the most user-friendly brand available. Setting up your cameras for viewing is as simple as plug and play. Getting connected to the EZview smartphone app is easy as well. You just need to create an account, scan a QR code displayed on your screen, and all your device settings are automatically added to the app. Once your app is linked with your NVR, you’ll see all your cameras immediately wherever you have an internet connection.
  • Easy to use. Out of the leading security camera brands that Spy Monkey sells, we have found Uniview to be the easiest to use as well. Their user interface is clean and uncluttered while still offering advanced options in the settings if needed.
  • Innovators. Rather than just copying other CCTV manufacturers’ technology, Uniview makes and designs their own patented technology. This allows them to be first to market with new features and therefore leaders in the industry. 15% of Univiews revenue is invested back into Research and Development and they are currently No. 1 in innovation per capita across the industry. Uniview employs 1600 in R & D alone. Some good examples of Uniview innovations include Ultra265 video compression which is more efficient than industry standard H265+ and Uniview Pixel Sense technology which allows the camera to understand and react more accurately to day and night changes.
  • Offer free, robust iOS and Android apps and computer software for windows and Mac. The Uniview smartphone app is called EZView and video management software is called EZStation. Using these you can view all your cameras via your internet connection. Be alerted by a notification to your phone or an email with a snapshot when movement is detected or one of your smart detection lines or boxes is breached. Uniview's smart detections offer an excellent first line of defence against intrusions. Uniview keeps their systems up to date and the Uniview firmware is easily upgraded in your settings.
  • Flexible product lineup that isn’t confusing. We can categorize our Uniview range as fixed lens vs VF (motorised Varifocal Lens). Resolution of 5 megapixels (Super HD) Vs 8 megapixel (4K Ultra HD). And camera style of Bullet Vs Dome Vs Turret. The most popular Uniview cameras that we sell are 5MP starlight turret cameras and 8MP (4K) turret cameras.
  • Excellent customer feedback. With many awesome 5 star reviews, Uniview is easily our most loved brand.

As an approved Uniview dealer and specialist, Spy Monkey is the leading Uniview reseller in Australia with support. If you aren’t sure about what camera system is right for you, or you need some help please reach out and we will be more than happy to help. We can put together a package that suits your needs.

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