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Dahua TIOC Cameras - Adding Active Deterrence and AI To Your Surveillance Solution

Dahua TIOC Cameras - Adding Active Deterrence and AI To Your Surveillance Solution

Bryce Whitty |

Looking for a new home security system? Consider Dahua Technology's "TiOC" system. This system is designed for use in both homes and businesses, and it offers a wide range of features that can help keep your business and your family safe.

In this article, we'll take a closer look at some of the benefits of using the TiOC system and what sets it apart from other home security options on the market.

TiOC stands for "Three in One Camera". The three major features are:

  • Active Deterrence
  • Full colour
  • Artificial intelligence

Let's break each of those down.

Active Deterrence

Security cameras are fantastic at collecting evidence; their mere existence is often enough for criminals to move on to the next location.

However, sometimes the security cameras aren't noticed, or the criminal isn't worried as they will be long gone before you see the footage.

Criminals want to sneak around silently, often under cover of darkness. Any light and noise bringing attention to them will generally have them abandon their plans.

When the TiOC camera detects a person or vehicle, it can trigger police-like red and blue strobing lights and a sound. The sound can be a siren, a pre-recorded message selected from a list, or your own message.

The TiOC camera can be scheduled to behave differently depending on the time of day. For example, remain quiet during the day as you may be coming and going or receiving a few deliveries. But at night, use full lights and sirens since no one should be in your backyard at 3AM.

So what do criminals think of Active Deterrent lights and sirens? Do they work in deterring criminals? Watch the video: 

As you can see in the video, it brings too much attention to the criminal, and they abandon their plans. The lights and alerts don't have to be just for chasing off criminals; it can also be used for general public security. For example:

  • Monitor a parking spot or loading zone - You could monitor a single parking spot or loading zone and have it play a sound when a car enters it, such as "No parking here."
  • It can be helpful in the front of a shop, remaining silent during opening hours, but giving a message of your operating hours when the shop is closed. Or tell people to use the side door when it detects someone at the front door.
  • In an industrial setting, it could warn employees that they are too close to a hazard, like moving machines or a path that forklifts use.

It also has some built-in, pre-recorded messages it can play upon detection. These include:

  • "Danger, no climbing."
  • "Deep water, be cautious."
  • "No parking here"
  • "Private land, no entry."
  • "Sidewalk only, no vehicles" (to use with vehicle detection)
  • "Vehicle lane only, no pedestrians" (to use with pedestrian detection)
  • You are under surveillance

These give you some ideas of the additional cases for this camera.

The police-like red and blue LED lights are very sharp during the day, and lights up the area around it at night.

Full Colour

The TiOC v2 has dual illuminators, which means it has white light to improve its full colour and Infrared light to operate in total darkness.

The benefit of full colour is that it provides colour information, like determining the colour of the criminal's jacket or car. This information is helpful to pass on to the police.

Full colour requires enough ambient light to work. If there isn't, the TiOC can use its white spotlight to light up an area.

However, running a white spotlight all night isn't an option for some people. Maybe you want to be discreet, or it's in a position where the white light might bother the next-door neighbour.

The TiOC also has black-and-white infrared night vision, which loses colour information but has sharper detail.

When the camera detects someone in its alert zone, it can switch on the white light, allowing you to get the colour information and potentially scaring off the criminal who is now in the spotlight.

This is both neighbour friendly and grabs as much information about the intruder as possible.

Artificial Intelligence

Bad artificial intelligence will annoy you with false positives. If you have enough false positives, you'll ignore the message when an intruder actually does come and visit you. Bad AI can also miss an intruder entirely.

The TiOC uses Smart Motion Detection (SMD), which doesn't rely on simple motion detection but uses Artificial Intelligence to figure out what moved. It will only alert you about humans and vehicles (if selected) and ignore things like pets, insects, leaves, and branches.

With the TiOC's clever AI, you can set up sophisticated alert zones. For example, you could have an alarm for cars entering your business's parking lot after hours but not when cars leave, which might be an employee staying late.

You can have the TiOC act as your 24/7 security guard in countless situations.

When paired with certain Dahua Network Video Recorders, you can instantly load video clips containing human and vehicle events within a given period with AI search. This is a faster way than using the traditional 24-hour timeline playback. However, its also possible to filter human and vehicle events on the timeline. 


So what's the verdict? If you want a home security camera that deters criminals, has full-colour HD footage and features top-notch AI, then the Dahua TiOC has it all.

~ By Bryce Whitty 
Bryce is a registered Security Advisor and enthusiast of all things security-related, particularly security cameras. Bryce started ProtectFind to help people get the right security system for their goals.

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