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How to Operate the Uniview Playback?

Geoffrey Lomas |

This guide is about the Playback tab of Uniview NVRs. What each button does and how to configure it to your preference.
In this setup, we have a Uniview 4 Channel Network Video Recorder: 8MP (4K Ultra HD) with a Uniview Security Camera: 5MP Starlight Turret, IP67 attached to it.

Web-Based (Internet Explorer)

The Playback tab is found between the Live View and Setup tabs of your Uniview Web-Based Interface. As always, Internet Explorer would provide the widest range of options not available to other browsers.

The playback sidebar is the first point of interest. The top drop-down allows you to filter what types of playback you wish to view. The options are as follows:

  • Normal: Shows playback list for time-scheduled recording sessions.
  • Tag: Shows a playback list that matches a tag keyword.
  • Event: Shows playback list for a matching event.
  • Smart: The system analyzes recordings for smart search results.

The second options are for HD and SD video quality for playback. The buttons "Max. Cameras" and "Close All", selects and deselect all available camera respectively.

The list of cameras allows you to specify which camera you wish to view and gives you an option to download footage from it.

With a camera and the appropriate filters selected. The calendar at the bottom will show which dates have footage that matches the conditions set. The main playback window will provide more details on the specific dates and events.

Focusing on the bottom toolbar. The first row shows the time and types of recording. The buttons at the left expand or shrink the distance between each hour respectively to give greater or lesser control in navigating. From left to right, the buttons on the bottom row are as follows:

  • Play/Pause
  • Stop
  • Reverse
  • Speed Down (Changes will reflect on the speed modifier)
  • Speed Modifier (Minimum Speed: 1/8, Maximum Speed:16x
  • Speed Up (Changes will reflect on the speed modifier)
  • Rewind (Time jump is based on Skip Interval)
  • Skip Interval (Minimum Skip 5 seconds, Maximum Skip 1 hour)
  • Forward (Time jump is based on Skip Interval)
  • Rewind by Frame
  • Forward by Frame
  • Snapshot - Saves a snapshot of the playback to your device. A notification will appear on the top of the display that lets you know where the newly created screenshot is located.
  • Start/Stop ClippingCreates a recording of the playback to your device.
  • Save - Saves the Clipping made. A notification will appear on the top of the display that lets you know where the newly created recording is located.
  • Open Control Panel - Where applicable, opens the control panel.
  • Enable/Disable Digital Zoom: Enables or disables the ability to zoom in and out of the video feed.
    • Mouse-Wheel Up: Zoom in.
    • Mouse-Wheel Down: Zoom out.
    • Left-Click Drag: While not zoomed, drag to make a box you want to zoom in. While zoomed, drag to navigate the video.
    • Right-Click: Reset zoom.
  • Add Customized Tag: Creates a customized tag on the current time. This can be useful for finding it later using the Tag Filter on the Sidebar.
  • Audio Toggle: Enables/Disables the Audio Feed.
  • Volume Control


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