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Uniview Setup Guide: System

Geoffrey Lomas |

This Spy Monkey Surveillance guide will focus on the Uniview Setup configurations found on the System tab which includes the Basic SetupTimeDaylight Saving Time, and Holiday.

This guide was written for Uniview NVR users who prefer to change settings remotely using a mobile or desktop browser (Internet Explorer). Remote and local configurations share many similarities and only the locations and availability of each feature may vary. The Uniview NVR Manual can provide more information if what you are looking for is not found in this simple guide.

Basic Setup

Navigation: Setup > SystemBasic Setup

Uniview Setup Guide: System - Basic Setup

  • Device Name: Determines the name used by the NVR. It will be visible on the EZView App and will be recognized as such by the EZTools and EZStation programs.
  • Device ID: This value is not in use right now.
  • Device Language: Determines the language used on the interface.


Navigation: Setup > System > Time

Uniview Setup Guide: System - Time

  • Time Zone: Determines the Time Zone the device will use.
  • Auto Update: If enabled, allows you to specify an NTP server, port, and updated frequency.
  • Date Format: Determines the displayed date format.
  • Time Format: Determines the use of a 12-hr or a 24-hr format.
  • System Time: Show the current time of the NVR.
  • Set Time: Allows you to manually set the time.
  • Sync with Computer: Allows you to sync the time between the NVR and the client computer.
  • Time Sync: Allows you to sync the time of the attached cameras with the NVR.

Daylight Saving Time

Navigation: Setup > System > DST

Uniview Setup Guide: System - DST

If enabled, allows you to specify the Start Time and the End Time of the DST. DST Bias allows you to alter the amount of time to adjust once in effect.


Navigation: Setup > System > Holiday

Uniview Setup Guide: System - Holiday

If desired, you can add holidays to further improve the scheduling feature by making it more accurate.
  • Holiday Name: Determines the name of this specific holiday once saved and listed.
  • Status: Disables and Enables the holiday.
  • Repeat: Disables and Enables repeat of this holiday.
  • Mode: Determines how to designate this holiday, by day (New Year's Eve) or by week (Holy Week).

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