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Professional CCTV

Prioritize the safety of your property by carefully selecting a unified video security system. This guide assists you in navigating considerations to align your choice with specific needs.

Choosing the Right Video Security System

Opting for a single brand is a critical decision, ensuring cohesion and seamless integration throughout your security system.

  • Dahua: Cutting-edge solutions with highly accurate AI Smart Motion Detect, well earned reputation and reliable devices.
  • Uniview: User-friendly interfaces, reliable and scalable security solutions, favored for their ease of integration.
  • IVSEC: Proudly NDAA Compliant and Australia developed, offers well-received cameras some equipped with excellent SONY sensors.
  • VIP Vision: Reliable tech and hardware with Australian support and techs.
  • Uniarch: Cost-effective yet high-performance systems, the choice for value without compromising quality.

Core Components

Construct a robust video security setup by focusing on four key components:

  • Cameras: Eyes and ears of the entire system.
  • Network Video Recorders:
    • Serves as the main hub for all the cameras.
    • Provides connected devices with power and networking.
    • Houses the Hard Drives that store footage from each camera.
  • Hard Drives: Western Digital or SkyHawk Surveillance grade versions that are engineered to endure the constant read and write of camera systems.
  • Ethernet Cables: CAT5e or CAT6 cables that provides data and power transfer via POE.

Enhancing Your Surveillance System

  • Mounts and Brackets:
    • Allows easier installation of surveillance cameras.
    • Provides key positioning options.
    • Please consult the camera model's datasheet for accurate info and mounting options.
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply: Safeguard against power outages with reliable solutions.
  • Lighting: Illuminate dark areas for enhanced visibility.

Building a Comprehensive Security Ecosystem

  • Networking Devices: Provides networking solutions.
  • Monitors: Monitor your premises in real-time with high-resolution screens.
  • Security Alarms: Strengthen your defense with diverse options.
  • Access Control: Secure your premises further with advanced solutions.
  • Data Cabinets: Organize and protect your data infrastructure with quality cabinets.

Improve your security with networking devices, monitors, security alarms, access control, and data cabinets.