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IVSEC Company Page

CCTV solutions stands iVSEC, an esteemed Australian brand dedicated to offering Affordable, High-Quality, and Professional CCTV Surveillance Solutions tailored to meet the needs of your Home or Business.

iVSEC emerges as the cutting-edge CCTV Company of the future, securing its position as a frontrunner in both DIY and Professional Security Camera Systems. A multitude of compelling reasons beckon you to embrace iVSEC, accompanied by crucial comparisons that warrant your attention.

Experience the confidence of a 3-Year Warranty alongside Australian hosted Firmwares and QR Codes, setting the standard for reliability and convenience. Our NDAA Compliant and "Registration Free" mobile App guarantees the utmost protection for your personal data, ensuring it remains secure and out of the wrong hands.

The combined expertise of InFront spanning 20 years, alongside iVSEC, has culminated in an extensive array of CCTV Cameras, Recorders, and Kits that outshine competitors in terms of value, quality, and features. We urge you to look beyond superficial marketing claims and delve into the actual specifications, where iVSEC truly excels, offering a superior CCTV Package. Factors such as Frames Per Second, Image Sensor quality, and Bit Rates play a significant role in delivering clearer results, especially when the need arises to identify an offender.

  • iVSEC is an Australian company that offers Australian products and warranty, along with local phone support, ensuring minimal wait times for assistance.
  • Get your hands on this "Registration Free" app that offers Remote Viewing without any extra charges or the hassle of sharing your personal information for an account setup.
  • Firmwares and QR Codes are securely managed and hosted within Australia, ensuring a high level of security. In contrast, many other companies opt for hosting services located in Asia and China.
  • With ONVIF Compatibility, it becomes possible to effortlessly integrate cameras from various brands into the network.
  • iVSEC is NDAA Compliant, meaning it has received approval and is not listed on the banned USA register of CCTV companies.
  • The User Interface, also known as GUI, offers user-friendly mouse-driven menus for seamless live viewing and playback operations.
  • The components used are of exceptional quality, including enhanced frame rates, increased incoming bandwidths, and feature-rich cameras.
  • The Full AI Options (880 Series) consist of Face Detection and a Face Database, Licence Plate Recognition, Licence Plate Search, and other intelligent features like Human and Vehicle Detection, Line Crossing, and additional smart functions with meta data support.
  • The 880 Series Cameras come with a high-performance Sony Sensor, known for its outstanding low light capabilities, along with an AI module that enhances and extends the range of AI functions available.
  • AI-driven Motion Detection is activated, eliminating the need for outdated distance-restricted PIR sensors.
  • A warranty for replacement that lasts for three years.